Buying Your Shoes

Now, you have chosen your dress and it’s time to buy matching shoes with it.

Shoe sizes can vary from one brand to the other. You also need to keep in mind that we have broader feet compared to women. So, we need to buy a size that is one to two sizes more than a woman would wear for the same sized feet.

If you are planning to buy an open-toed feminine shoe, buy one that is two sizes bigger than your regular male shoe size. It may vary depending on how broad your feet are. If you want to buy a closed-toe shoe, go for a size that is 3-4 sizes bigger than your male shoe size. Sticking to this rule is quite likely to help you get the right woman’s shoe for yourself. If you are planning on buying shoes with heels that are more than 5”, then choose 4 sizes more than your male shoe size.

Now, the best way to pick your shoes is to actually try them on. But most of us gals are quite shy about trying out women’s shoes in public. If you can be bold enough and don’t care even a bit about people looking at you strangely when you ask about ladies’ shoes, you should just go out and try out some of these shoes. No one is going to stop you. The sales person just wants to make a sale. If you buy, they get a sale and that’s the only thing they are interested in.

But if you just can’t handle it…no problems…how about ordering it online? If you know your size, it becomes easy to order it through any of your favorite online stores. Even if you don’t, you can just trace your left foot and send it to them. They will choose the right size for you.

So, what are the best kinds of shoes for us gals?

Well, you can’t ignore the classic black pump for sure. It works with almost every dress and you can never go wrong with it. If you are quite tall and don’t want to look taller, just don’t go for the ones with very high heels. Choose a one inch heel pump. It works fine to give you that feminine grace as you walk.        

Sandals and pumps with T-straps offer good support to your ankles. So, even if you are wearing high heels, it is much easier to walk. The T-strap also has a vertical strap right at the center, which looks quite elegant and also makes your legs appear longer than they actually are.

You can never go wrong with boots! Knee high boots look sassy and all gals should definitely have this as part of their wardrobe. Knee high boots give a slimming look to your figure and are a much better idea than ankle boots.

If you have trouble walking with the pointed heels of pumps, wedges are another choice. The soles of wedges are broader than your other regular pointed heels, so they are much easier to walk in. These are great choices for gals with thin legs because they add height but at the same time are quite comfortable to wear.  

You can never go wrong with boots

Online Shoe Shopping

There are quite a few online shoe shops you can use to order your shoes. Don’t forget to add 2-3 sizes to your male shoe size before ordering online! (or just take a very close look at the size chart and actually measure your feet before placing the order to make sure it matches your desired size).


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