Choosing Breast Forms

If you don’t want to go out with a flat chest and really would like your breasts to look more feminine, you can just not ignore wearing a breast form. There is a lot a gal can do with the right breast form. It is easy to wear…just attach it to your body or wear it inside your bra. It gives your chest the feel and bounce and movement of a woman’s breast and makes you appear more feminine.

The price of a breast form can range anywhere from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. Depending on the money you are willing to spend, you can get the most natural-like breast technology could give you.

Types of Materials in Breast Forms

Most breast forms are made of silicone gel in a thin plastic shell. Breast forms may also be made of latex, foam, or cotton batting.

Silicone breast forms give the best feel of a natural breast, but they are expensive. Rubber or latex is a cheaper alternative to silicone, but it doesn’t have the same feel and movement of a silicone form. If you are allergic to rubber or latex, there is another alternative for you.

Foam and cotton batting are the cheapest alternatives for us gals. You can buy a commercial product here, but the best part about these breast forms is they can easily be made right at home. These easily give you the desired breast shape and are also not restrictive. Foam also doesn’t rupture, unlike silicone gel forms.

Choosing the Right Bra

I have already told you that your bra size will be a little different if you plan on wearing breast forms. So, make sure to use the method mentioned in the chapter on bras to find out your appropriate size.

Many gals like to have two sizes of breast forms. They use a smaller size home-made breast form for their regular dresses. But when wearing a low-cut dress to reveal a cleavage, a larger breast form is ideal. If you would like to do this, you will need to buy bras of different sizes, depending on the size of your breast form.

If you want to use a latex or rubber breast form, use bras with pockets. The breast forms can be easily placed in the pockets and even if you do have any sensitivity to these materials, it can be prevented because the material of the prosthetic does not come in direct contact with your skin. It is a great way to keep the form away from your skin.

My advice would be to go for bras with underwires if you plan on wearing breast forms. These offer the best support…the better the support, the better the fit.

Don’t go overboard by using push-up bras with breast forms. These are not natural breasts and push-up bras will not give you an enhanced cleavage. If you do want to go for push-up bras, maybe you should look for breast forms that are attached to the chest rather than just inserted between the bra and your chest. But a push-up bra can be quite good for creating cleavage…and I will be telling you more about it in the next chapter.

If you want to wear an open neckline, place a decorative pin that attaches your neckline to the bra strap. So, when you lean forward, the gap between the breast form and your natural chest will not show.


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