The Sissy Test

A few years back the term “sissy” was used in a pejorative manner to describe a man who was a “little feminine”, had a “girly taste” in colors and style, and was interested in things considered to be meant “only for women”. If you are saying, “What’s wrong with that”…well, there is nothing wrong with that…but it was considered to be wrong in the past. Things have changed now.

Gender identities are no longer confined to “male” and “female”. You could be a cross-dresser or a transgender or a transsexual and you are absolutely fine and have the same legal rights as those who confirm with the two main gender identities of male and female. Sissy is no longer a negative word. People are actually proud to be a sissy.

But what about you? Are you a sissy? Are you confused? May be you are not sure whether you are a sissy or not? Well, don’t you worry…take this quiz and find out whether you are a sissy or not?

Once you are through answering the questions, check out the scoring chart at the end and tally up your scores to find out where you stand on the macho and sissy scale. Good luck!

p.s. You can also listen to the test in audiobook format.


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