Things You Need to Look Great

So, have you been able to accept that there is nothing wrong with secretly dressing up like a woman? Do you now feel proud to be a cross-dresser? If yes, let’s get started. I will first let you know about all the things you will need to look gorgeous as a woman. So, are you ready?

Here is a list of things you should surely consider and buy to be a cross-dressing beauty.


Be very particular about your panties because you can’t return them…right? Try out the cheaper stuff and find out which cut and styles suits you best…of course, you need to be comfortable in them, too. Wear your panties higher than you would generally wear your jockeys to get that feminine look…it may be awkward in the beginning…but it is worth the effort.


You have the panties and the next undergarment is the bra. A man cannot look like a woman if he doesn’t wear a bra. Measure your chest width at nipple level. Your most comfortable bra would probably be somewhere around 2 inches wider than that. So, buy a 38 bra if your chest measurement is at 36.


Buy a pair of boots to give that sexy look to your feet! Before buying your shoes, you need to know your shoe size…and no…it is not the same as your male shoe size. Your women’s shoe size will be two sizes larger than your male shoes size. Of course, try out a few sizes before you fix on a particular size.

You may need to buy different sizes for different styles. For example, you may be more comfortable in pump that is three or four sizes larger than your male shoes…pumps are closed at the toes and men’s wide feet can make them quite uncomfortable. Get comfortable with open-toed or sandal-type shoes first…and then move on to the closed ones.


A camisole is another important cross-dresser accessory to give that feminine touch to your body. Buy one black and one white camisole…minimum…of course, the more, the merrier! Make sure to get satin for that lovely feel.


Men don’t have a feminine figure. So, of course, you need to get a few things that can actually give you that feminine shape. A corset is one such garment that can help give the right shape to your torso. It will slim down your body and define the waistline. Now that’s something you really do need to look feminine.

Waist Cincher

A waist cincher is a kind of short corset, which pulls in your waist and makes your hips and breasts look bigger.

A Panty Girdle

A panty girdle does to your lower torso what a waist cincher does to your upper body…that is, it makes the lower part of your body look feminine. There is another thing it does…it hides the male organs and keeps them in place. Now, that is something you really want if you like dressing up in short skirts. Go for a short panty girdle instead of a long one.

Panty Hose

Probably all us gals have stolen our mother’s panty hose and put it on in private when we were still quite young. We have all enjoyed its feel against our legs. We have all seen how it makes our legs look in the mirror. But panty hoses are not usually seen these days. Most new gals like to show-off their shaved bare legs or prefer putting on a pair of tights to hide that hair.

But there is no harm in buying at least one pair of panty hose and wearing it when you go out in a bar that is open to cross-dressers. When you buy one, try a nude shade instead of shimmering and attention-attracting that clearly sets you apart from the others at the party.


Tights are great when you don’t want to shave your legs…they are also quite fashionable and give quite a slimmer look to your sexy legs.


So, you do love your biceps…don’t you? Well, it’s great to have those biceps when you go walking around like a man…but a woman with biceps…doesn’t look good at all. This is where an armband could come in handy. Metal armbands make your biceps look smaller and your upper arm looks slightly thinner than it really is.

Go for thin bands because they look more feminine. You could wear more than one band if your arms are bigger to get a trimmer look, but…don’t wear them tighter! It will only highlight your masculine arms. Now, that is something you really don’t want, do you?


What would one do without fake nails…they are so handy for a cross-dresser. I mean, you can’t go around with long painted nails when you are a man. So, the best solution is fake nails. Go for pre-painted, press-on nails…they can be glued quickly and won’t come off until you remove them.                  

Breast Forms

Most of us new gals are not endowed with sufficient flesh in the chest area to fill up our bras. This is where breast forms can be quite helpful. A breast form gives you the feminine chest that could make the difference between average-looking and great looking.

A breast form is either worn inside a bra or is attached to your chest. It gives you the bounce, feel, movement, and shape of a feminine breast. But that’s not just it…a breast form also makes your normal dresses look great on you.

Makeup Kit

What would a new gal do without makeup! If you want to look pretty as a gal, you really need all the makeup necessities. This includes a foundation, blush, powder, concealer for your face, and lipstick, lip liner, and lip gloss for your lips. Of course, you can’t ignore your gorgeous eyes. Make sure to buy an eye shadow, mascara, eye liner, and eyebrow color. You also need good makeup brushes to get that great professional model-like look.

Beard Cover

The beard cover needs to be a part of your makeup kit. If you are thinking that a beard cover will hide your long beard, you are so absolutely wrong. A beard cover is not for hiding your clearly visible beard. It is actually about the shadow or growth left behind when you shave. Just applying foundation does not cover this stubble. In fact, it will show through the foundation…and you surely don’t want that. You can buy a good beard cover online…it should ideally be something orange and sheer and can easily hide that shadow of a beard.

Of course, your beard stubble can be easily covered up with the help of some excellent makeup tips…and I will discuss this in a later chapter.


A new gal cannot look gorgeous without some beautiful pieces of jewelry. So, buy earrings, necklaces, bracelets. If you like that pierced look, you could also try out some fake nose pins or septum jewelry, or a cute little lip ring.

Clip-on earrings are quite useful and you can pick as many styles as you want. Have at least two pairs of jewelry sets…one gold-colored and another silver-colored. These will go with almost all your dresses…irrespective of their color and style.

Don’t forget a woman’s watch. You don’t want to get all dressed up as a woman and then check the time in your manly watch…it is so unwomanly.


Now, when you go out, you won’t be pulling out your man wallet from the back of your trousers.  You need a dashing woman’s purse that matches with your outfit. You can include your cards, lipsticks, face powder, and other essential woman things in your purse.

Creams and Moisturizers

A rough and rugged look is great for a manly man, but when you are dressing up to be a woman, it looks quite bad. A gal’s skin should look soft and feminine. So, you better buy a good moisturizer, hand cream, and foot cream to make your face, hands, and feet look soft and feel silky. Now, you need to use this constantly…even when you are man. Don’t worry; people will only appreciate your glowing and soft skin even when you are a man.

Deodorants and Perfumes

Your manly deos and perfumes would not work when you are dressing up as a gal! So, buy some woman’s deos and perfumes to cover up that manly smell and emanate a sweet-smelling aroma from your body. Check out some online resources for this or you could easily walk into a store and act as if you are buying one for your girlfriend or wife.


You can buy woman’s sunglasses anywhere. Buy it online or in your nearest store. If you wear glasses, buy two frames…one for when you are doing your manly duties and the other for the times when you are having fun as a woman. This is a great way to keep your masculine and feminine side separate, too. It’s like, when you put on your masculine glasses, you become a man…and your feminine glasses make you a woman. Contact lenses are also a great idea, especially when you are dressing up as a woman. It will also help you show off your eye makeup!


A wig is quite handy in hiding your manly hair and giving your head a feminine appearance. You can buy wigs in different shades…such as blonde or brunette…and different styles…such as short or long. Start by picking one simple wig that gives you a feminine appearance, but doesn’t look too overboard. Once you are comfortable with this one, you could go a little bolder and try out wigs of different colors and shades as well.


There are so many different styles of woman’s dresses you can buy. But you surely do need a little black dress (it never goes out of style), a woman’s coat, gloves and hat (will keep you looking stylish and protect you from the cold), a strapless dress (you just can’t leave this one out), and bolero jackets (stylish and they will cover your hairy masculine arms and also make them look slimmer).

So, now you have a list of things a new gal needs. You will add and subtract a few things from the list as you become more comfortable dressing up like a woman…but the list is a good start for new gals who have no idea about what to do.

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