How to Create Cleavage

Breast forms are the best and easiest way to create cleavage. I mean…if you can create natural-shaped breasts, you would have cleavage, too. But that’s not the only thing you have to do to create cleavage. Here are a few products you can buy to create great-looking cleavage. You can easily order these online. Check out the resource page for a few links where you can order all your products for creating breasts and cleavage.

Body Tape

The easiest and cheapest way to create cleavage is to use a body tape. These are medical grade adhesive tapes that stick to your body. Only two feet of tape is enough to create cleavage.

Just remove the protective liner and place half the length of the tape on one side of the chest. Now, pull the areas into position and stick the tape to the chest. Repeat the same procedure with the other side of the chest as well.


Nubra is basically a bra. It is a backless, strapless, and adhesive bra. You can buy it at Macy’s for about $30. You will have to shave your chest a day before to use the Nubra. When you are ready to stick the cups to your breast, wash the area with soap and water so the cups can stick to the skin easily.

Now, remove the cups from the bra and stick them to the breasts. Check the position…it should be in the same position in both the sides. Place the cups as far from each other as possible to create cleavage.

The next step is to clasp the bra. To do this, you will have to bend forward. This will pull your breasts together. In this position, clasp the bra in the middle and you are ready to rock the night!

Now, you are not happy with the cleavage as of yet. Don’t worry; use a push-up bra and breast form for extra cleavage for your low-cut dress. Put on your push-up bra and place the breast forms in the outer bottom corner. Tighten your bra strap. Your stick-on cups will be pushed upward and…Voila! You have some great cleavage to show off with your low-cut dress!

The Diva Cleavage Enhancer

The Diva Cleavage Enhancer uses angled foam pads sewn into a garment. It looks very much like a bra, except there are no cups in this garment. The inner surface of these pads sticks to the skin of your chest and then pulls it toward the front of your body. The garment is made of special lace material.

The three stays at the back prevent the cleavage enhancer from rolling. It does another additional thing…it pulls more skin toward the front to give you that inspiring cleavage. The garment clasps in the front with three hook-and-eye fasteners.

You put this on and then wear your regular bra. If you are using breast forms, insert these into your bra. But don’t use large breast forms…the cleavage enhancer will push it too far up in the bra cups and…you just don’t want that. So, use smaller breast forms.


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