How to Do Your Hair: Hairstyles and Wigs

So, we are now done with undergarments, dresses, and shoes. The next thing to do is to take a look at dressing up our hair. A great head of hair, combined with the right makeup…which I will be talking about later…can cover up for many a shortcomings in your appearance.

Now, as a man, you are probably going around with short hair and you need to keep your hairstyle a particular way. But once you put on your woman’s hat, you have to have a hairstyle that makes you look more feminine. This is where a wig can really be helpful.

But before we get on to choosing your hair, here are a few things you should know about what is used for making these wigs and hairpieces.

Types of Hair

A wig or hairpiece or a hair extension can be made of either human hair or synthetic hair.

Human hair looks most natural and you can do whatever you want with it. You can cut it the way you want, style it the way you want, perm it, color it…you can do whatever you want with that hair. There is one problem though. Wigs made of human hair are quite expensive and can run into thousands of dollars.

Remy human hair has intact hair cuticles and is softer and almost tangle-free. Virgin human hair is chemically processed. So, it may be dyed or permed or styled in one or the other way using chemicals. You will find Asian and Indian and European hair available in the market. Among these three options, European hair is the most expensive because of its high quality.

Not everyone can afford the expensive human hair wigs. So, most of us gals have to look for wigs made of synthetic hair. You can probably buy more than 30 synthetic hair wigs at the price of one human hair wig. So, you can go for different styles and colors here.

You cannot style your synthetic hair and it also has a limited lifespan of about 6 months of daily wear. But it is cheap and high-quality synthetic hair looks almost like human hair.

There is another option available for those who want the best of both worlds. You can buy wigs which combine both human and synthetic hair. These are not as expensive as human hair and can be heat-styled unlike synthetic hair.

What’s my color?

Wigs are available in different colors. There is no harm in trying out as many colors as you want. So, do that and find out which colors suit you best. The color of your natural hair is the best bet. If you buy a wig of the same color as your natural hair, you will be sure it suits your skin tone. So, if you have black hair, go for a black wig.

Which length is best for me?

Your hair can do a lot to make up for your masculine features. So, instead of going for a small-sized wig, go for long haired wig or hairstyle. You also don’t want to go for hair that is too long in length because there are very few women who have such long hair. The ideal length is a quarter down your back. Shoulder length is also okay.

What’s the right hairstyle for me?

Straight hair is the best because it works for all gals. Most of us already have a large head…so if we use a curly wig…it will look much larger. Straight hair with waves or loose curls is also fine. Soft waves add volume to the hair as well as soften the strong facial features and masculine figure.

Bangs help hide the high foreheads, so these are also a great idea. Bangs also make you look younger. But don’t go for straight bangs because it will highlight your strong facial features. Go for soft, side swept bangs.

Face framing layers also are a great idea to soften your strong masculine features. They also add texture and volume to your hair.

Never ever go for a middle parting. It will further highlight the masculine features and you don’t want that. Go for side parting because it will soften your facial features.


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