Petticoat Discipline

Big time attorney Peter Thomas never felt he could never satisfy a woman. What made things worse is he hated his job - especially his boss. Chelsea Wolfmann has a bachelorette party planned and everyone in the office is forced to go. Including Peter. When Peter arrives, he quickly realizes that all of the people attending the lecherous shindig are women and there is no exit. No way out. He's forced to shed his three piece suit at Chelsea's will, and conduct himself in taboo yet tantalizing behavior.

She presents him a fluffy petticoat for which Peter is brutally forced to wear. In a shocking twist you'll never believe, Peter is made submissive in the most humiliating ways. He'll discover that Chelsea has plans for him that will threaten his very manhood to its core. Can Peter be strong willed against Chelsea and the other femmes in his legal office? Please know this story contains brutal and forced sexual scenes. Mature audiences only.

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