Picking Woman's Undergarments - Panty Hose and Other Hosiery Items

Panty Hose

You won’t find many women wearing panty hose these days. It is quite out of fashion. But that doesn’t mean we gals cannot wear it. I am sure you have quite a few memories about panty hose…and no one should stop you from living that dream.

Just follow my list of Do’s and Don’ts and you will be fine. So, let’s get started with the list of Do’s.

  • Match your panty hose with the color of your skirt to make your legs look longer.
  • Wear nude or jet black panty hose.
  • Sheer nude hose can provide an elegant look to your figure.
  • Match your skin tone with the nude hose so it is almost invisible but gives a great look to your figure.
  • Buy good quality hose from branded stores…after all…you deserve the best…these gives your already great legs a smooth look.
  • When matching your panty hose with your shoes, bring it along to find the perfect match.
  • Coordinate the color of your hose with your shoes.
  • Check out samples of the hosiery material before actually buying your panty hose.

Now, let’s see a list of Don’ts.

  • Don’t wear a light-colored panty hose with a dark-colored skirt…it will make you look shorter.
  • Don’t wear suntan pantyhose.
  • Don’t wear pantyhose with open-toed shoes.

Additional Women’s Hosiery Items

Panty hose is not the only women’s hosiery items you should try. Check these out to make your outfit go from great to fabulous.

Tights - A great alternative to panty hose are tights. These are comfortable, make your legs look longer and…the best part is… you can experiment with them as you wish. Tights are also much better than a panty hose in protecting you from the cold because these are made of thicker material.

You can try out different colors, styles, and textures with tights. It’s quite the “in thing” with regular women and there is no reason why we gals should not try out a few funky styles to create a great outfit for our night-out.

Tights also offer another kind of coverage…it hides your hairy legs pretty well. So, if you don’t want to shave your legs, wear tights to give a sexy and slender look to your figure.

Sheers – Made of lightweight fabric, usually nylon, sheers are quite more delicate than items made of thicker fibers. You will need properly waxed legs to pull these off so don’t wear them if you have hair to show.

Control Tops – Control tops are panty hose made of nylon that provide support to your tummy and butt. These are quite a useful alternative to panty girdles, which are much heavier than control tops. If you look hard, you may also be able to find styles with a cotton crotch…that is, you won’t need any panties if you wear these.

Opaques – These are heavier than sheers, but lighter than tights. Opaque tights have become quite a fashion trend these days.

Stockings – You will need to wear stockings with a panty girdle, a corset, or a garter belt, which has stocking clips attached to it. These clips will keep your stockings in place.

Stay-ups – These are similar to stockings, except these have an elastic top with a special lining that will prevent it from slipping.


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