The Gay Test - Homosexuality Test for Men: Are You Gay?

How do you know whether you are gay or not? In fact, how can anyone know whether they are homosexual or heterosexual or bisexual? If this is the question that’s bothering you, the first thing that you need to do is let go off the stereotypes. Just because you are not as macho as your college football captain does not mean that you are gay. In fact, you could actually be the captain of your football team and be a homosexual rather than a heterosexual.

This basically means that gay men do not look different from your “normal” heterosexual male. They are not necessarily more feminine than straight men and they may be as interested in dressing up like a regular male. So, maybe someone just mentioned it to you that you may be gay. Or maybe someone just suggested that you have “too feminine” tastes, implying that you may be gay. This probably confused you and you wanted to just check out whether you are indeed gay. Don’t you worry; this quiz will surely help you. But before we do begin with the quiz, here is one thing that you should keep in mind.

The stereotypes that you or your friends have about gays are probably all incorrect. You are not gay because you are good at keeping your house clean, or you are good at picking up the right clothes, or because you dress up neatly. You are gay because you are physically and sexually attracted to men and not women. You are gay because you form strong lasting emotional sexual bonds with men and not women. You are gay because you have a strong inclination towards getting intimate with men than women. You fantasize more about getting sexually involved with men rather than women.

In short, do not use the common stereotypes that society has taught you about gays to determine your sexual orientation. Instead, this should depend on the physical and sexual attraction you feel for same sex individuals. So, are you more sexually attracted to men than women? This is the question that you should ask yourself. Still confused? Take The Gay Test and find out the truth.

Once you are through answering the questions, check out the scoring chart at the end and tally up your scores to find out where you stand on the macho and gay scale. Good luck!

p.s. You can also listen to the test in audiobook format.

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