This Month's Panty Giveaway Sissy Contestants (Sissy Lucy's Story)

Check out this month's Panty Giveaway Sissy Contestant Sissy Lucy's story. Although all contestants entries are featured on the blog, only the best, most exciting, entertaining and well-written story will win. The prize? A fab pair of sissy panties from Sissy Panty Shop! The winner will also get to choose a pair of panties from the Sissy Panty Shop collection to be named after herself. Email your story to to enter the contest. You can also vote up or down on these stories by entering your comments below to help us choose the Winner. Now, let's check out what Sissy Lucy has to share with us! 

"Morning miss 

Hope you are well my name is Lucy and I love being the sissy I am but I need to be better at it as well 

So how did I become a sissy it’s quite easy, I had a very elegant Auntie who was  called Dorothy who can I say dressed immaculately , I used to visit three four times a month sometimes she would go out So i would try her dresses on and yes I got caught her first words to me “darling if you want to dress like a sissy let me help you do it properly” from then I visited twice a week

Favourite outfits my maids uniforms as well as my pink sissy dress but love the sissy school look as well anything with lace and frills I’m your sissy 

Most embarrassing moments was I was dressed as a maid black silk short dress loads of frilly petty coats heels stockings suspenders blonde long curly wig full make up we was going out, my partner insisted we needed some flowers so stopped at a supermarket and made me go in and purchase some flowers, trouble was it took ages as everyone wanted photos asked questions why am i dressed even had a young man come up to me and say how brave and jealous he was which was so sweet and lovely 

I have also been caught at work wearing sexy G Strings to which the offficd girl commented on and how hot it is for men in female underwear I blushed obviously 

What I love fun wise is dressing and being with other sissy’s putting makeup on each other or painting our nails together while holding hands and going for walks as well as doing my sissy chores when I get back 

What are my aspirations well eventually I want to give myself 100% to someone to be a sissy 24hrs hours a day for the rest of life I feel so much complete as a sissy it just seems the natural thing to do, one day I hope this will happen it’s my dream

As for me now wearing panties stockings to work with my toes painted is something I do everyday and a pair of your beautiful panties would be amazing to win let alone wear 

Thank you please except my curtsy 

Sissy Lucy" 

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I love the story I feel the same way but just started out love wearing bras & panties taking Sissy pills , I got a long way to
go. LOL Paula

Paul Galasso

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