Dressing Up Your Nails

Now, it is time to take care of your nails. You don’t want to hide your nails when you go out because they just look bad, do you? So, nail care needs to start even before your first night out.

Take good care of your hands and nails. Use a hand cream or lotion at least twice a day. If they are excessively dry, apply the lotion three to four times a day. Go for a manicure once a week. A professional can make the task quite easy, but you could do this yourself at home, too.

Here is a quick tip: Regularly moisturizing your hand has one more advantage for us. Soft and smooth hands tend to keep attention away from big hands. Keep your hands hair-free, too. After all, even some women have big hands. So, if you keep your hands soft and clean, you are more likely to pass as a woman.

How to do a Manicure

Trim your nails using nail clippers, but leave a little bit of the white tip. Now, use a nail file to file your nails. Don’t push the file too hard, just gently drag the file across the nail. File your nails in such a way that you get a smooth curve.

Now, fill a bowl with warm water and add a few drops of liquid soap. Soak your hands in it for a few minutes. Follow this up by cleaning your nails with a nail brush.

Once your nails are dry, you will need a cuticle cream. Just apply it on the nails and use a cuticle pusher to push back the cuticle. Be gentle and don’t force it. Once you have pushed cuticles for all your nails, wipe off the excess cream in the same direction you pushed the cuticles.

Now, gently massage a hand cream or lotion into your hands. Your manicure is done! If you need to go out right away as a woman, then apply the nail polish before applying the lotion.

Applying the Nail Polish

The first step when applying the nail polish is to apply the base coat or nail hardener. It will strengthen your nails and also smooth out the ridges on your nails.

Now, pick your favorite shade. The best thing to do would be to match it to the outfit you plan on wearing for the night. Roll the bottle between your hands for 10 seconds, don’t shake the bottle. Now, paint your nails with a thin coat. Start from the center and then move on to either side.

Did you get nail polish on the skin around your skin? Just use a flat toothpick and get it off when it is still wet.

Apply another thin coat of nail paint once the first coat has dried. The basecoat and the two coats of nail paint will make your nails look fabulous. But another top coat can actually give a great shine.

If you are worried about your hands looking too big, here is a quick tip: Don’t apply nail polish to the sides. This makes your big hands appear slightly thinner.

Gluing Fake Nails

Fake nails are great for a night out

Fake nails are a great choice for us because we don’t have to worry about applying nail paint and then getting it off for our next day as a boy. You just need to glue it on, wait for a few minutes for it to stick properly and…Voila! All set for the night! So, here is what you need to get your nails ready in a few minutes.

Wait for at least 24 hours to apply your fake nails after a manicure because it will not stick for a long time. Wash your hands and let your nails dry up. Clean your nails using a polish remover. Now, clip your nails close to your finger tip and buff the surface to roughen them. Start from your dominant hand, that is, if you are right-handed, apply the nails on your right hand first.

Put a drop of glue on the fake nail and a drop on your natural nail. Keep the fake nail straight and place it right above the cuticle. Press down gently for about 10 seconds. Notice any glue around he cuticle? Just use a Q-tip to wipe it.

You can also try out press-on adhesive nails. These come with a coating of adhesive on them and you just need to press them on to your natural nails.

For big hands, use long fake nails because they make your hands look more slender than they actually are.

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