How to measure your waist accurately for a corset

When buying a corset you ought to consider the style that suits your physique most. What is your shape: are you tall, petite, curvy, or slim?

If you have an average build, you should use a corset with a lovely neckline, as it would improve the wearer's bust. Buy corsets that accent your hourglass figure.

Someone who is tall and slim with about five feet six inches or height with a slim figure needs to create the illusion of a full bust. You ought to consider a beaded or a corset that cinches in at the waist to give you an hourglass effect.

If you are short and petite with about five feet three inches height, you should use a shorter corset. Putting on a dress that is colorful, that matches the corset with a short hem, would give you a taller look.

If you are short and full-figured on the short side, you ought to buy a corset that cinches the waist and draws attention to curves. A dress with a slim fabric is a good choice to be worn over the corset.

Those who are tall and full-figured of about 5 feet 6 inches height with a full figure should pick for a lengthier corset. A dress that has slit and shows off her beautiful legs is the best option.

If you have an athletic build, you ought to wear a dress that would allow your shoulders to show while wearing the corset.

If you are apple-shaped, you should wear a corset that would make your stomach appear small. Clearly, that is the duty of a corset, but you can add accessories or choose a slimming color.

Also, if you are pear-shaped you would usually have a heavier bottom, so you should think of getting a corset that is trim. You should also think of using accessories on the top half so that the attention would be taken away from the bottom half of your body. An alternative option would be to use brighter colors and wear the corset on them.

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