The Benefits of Crossdressing

The first thing to do is to accept that you love to cross-dress. You don’t have to feel guilty about it…it’s not a curse. Be comfortable with who you are and what you are. Get in touch with other gals and read about how they successfully explored the feminine side of their persona and…are actually happy they did.

I guess a look at the benefits of cross-dressing may motivate you to actually go for it…what do you think? So, let’s just begin!

There is a feminine and masculine side to each and every human being, but cross-dressers are the ones who successfully integrate both the genders into their personality. It allows you to explore the deeper aspects of your personality. You are more in touch with your feelings and… more in tune with the emotions of others…especially the people you really love.

You are in touch with your inner self. You are not suppressing who you are and what you are. Trying to be someone you are not is only going to make you… irritable, upset, unhappy…which, in turn, results in…poor relationships, no social life, and bad careers.

So, which one would you like to choose? An unhappy life, full of frustrations…or…a life filled smiles, laughter, and happiness? I think I would like to choose a life that is filled with satisfaction, peace, love…a life that allows me to explore who I am and practice what I am and what I want.

It gives you an alternative to relieve stress. You can’t deny this for sure…just dressing and behaving like a woman makes you feel so calm…as if all your worries and anxieties have just disappeared. It is definitely a much, much, much healthier way to relieve stress than doing drugs or finishing up a whole pack of cigarettes in a day.

You also develop empathy toward women. You know how a woman feels. What hurts her…what is it that gives her pain and what is it that gives her joy. This basically means you will know exactly how to keep a woman happy.

Of course…a girl needs to look good…so you better stay fit and work at getting a leaner body…no wonder dressing up like a woman keeps you fitter and healthier. You will no longer be a slouchy, old man. In fact, you will turn into a handsome man and an even gorgeous woman. Now, this is the life we all want to lead!

If you still are not convinced, here are some facts about a famous cross-dresser who is quite open about it in public. This will motivate you further.

Vernon Coleman is a British writer and doctor. He has written more than 100 non-fiction books on topics ranging from human health to politics. He has also written a range of novels. Dr. Coleman openly acknowledges that he cross-dresses. In fact, he has written many articles on cross-dressing and advocates that cross-dressers are heterosexuals and are perfectly happy being the gender they are born with. Dr. Coleman is happily married to another doctor and author named Donna Antoinette Coleman.

So, does that motivate you more to be what you are and do what you want? I surely hope so…because the only way you can turn out to be a good-looking and happy cross-dresser is if you are ready to accept who you are.

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