This Month's Panty Giveaway Sissy Contestants (Donna Girl's Story)

Check out this month's Panty Giveaway Sissy Contestant Sissy Donna Girl's Story. Although all worthy entries are featured on the blog, only the best, most exciting, entertaining and well-written story will win. The prize? A fab pair of sissy panties from Sissy Panty Shop! Email your story to to enter the contest. You can also vote up or down on these stories by entering your comments below to help us choose the Winner. Now, let's check out what Sissy Alex has to share with us! 

Hi. One of the things I like about being a sissy is having a girly name. My girly name is Donnagirl and I just melt when I am called that.

To me it is the first step to becoming a sissy boi. There are so many enjoyable steps that can be taken.

My journey to sissydom was a long one. As a pre-teen I would sneak into my mothers or sisters rooms and try on anything I could. From panties to dresses.

I loved the way they felt on me and started wishing I could be a girl so I could wear them all the time.

My sister caught me and to keep her quiet I spent many afternoons playing dolls which meant her dressing me as a girl.

At the time in the fifties no one heard of a sissy.

As I grew up and dated and even married I dressed whenever I could in secret. Things were not the same back then.

No one came out as gay or lesbian or transgender. No one talked about that kind of stuff.

After a couple of marriages I mey a woman who wanted me to wear her panties and of course I was more than happy to do so.

We parted after a while but I was hooked on dressing and have done so foe many years . My favorite thing is to wear panties 24/7.

After panties and bras my favorite outfits are very slutty. I love short short dresses, slutty school girl outfits, short shorts, tight tops,

And baby doll pajamas. I guess I am really hooked on anything girly. They all feel so good on my body. 

My most embarrassing moment was when I was in a hot tub with the woman who started me wearing panties. It was a winter night and we were soaking

In the tub. I had on a very skimpy bikini as she did also. A neighbor and his wife stopped by and she told me to stand up and greet them. Being wet

The bottoms which were very tight really clung to my sissy clitty and showed just what a sissy I was and they all laughed at me.

The most fun I have had was with a woman I met who was really into sissies and older men. She was bi-sexual. She loved to come to my place and

Have me greet her in a dress. We had allot of fun together and she really liked reaching under my dress and playing with my clitty and

We always had a spanking session before she left.

I dream about how if things had been different years ago how maybe I could have lived as a sissy in public and nobody would have cared.

The freedom of going out in public dressed as a girl would have been so exciting and life changing.

Now I just aspire to be the best sissy I can be whenever I can. I will never stop wearing panties because I have thrown out all my ugly male underwear years ago.

Being able to buy panties at the sissy panty shop is so wonderful. I can’t buy a pair every day but I do check out all the great sissy things they have every day.

I have always been very active in male type jobs and hobbies. Landscaping, running heavy equipment, farming, building and driving race cars, collecting cars, and

Driving motorcycles but no matter what I know that I am a sissy boi at heart and still hope to be a sissy bitch for a dominant women someday.

Thankyou to sissy panty shop for being able to add to my panty collection. 

Sissy Donnagirl

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i am so into panties that there’s over two hundred pairs in my collection. I just want to find out all that sissy panty shop has. Do i ever love the pink panties that i have already seen. Stockings to match


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