Types, shapes and components of a corset

Corsets are made to improve a woman's or man's shape. They are made in various shapes and styles. Some of the styles include a waist cincher, the conical shape, and hourglass shape. The shape of the corset has an impact the wearer's body. Certain corsets shapes are stress-free for a woman to wear, because they do not alter the shape of the wearer's torso.

  • Hourglass Shape

An hourglass shape corset fits around the wearer's ribs and it slightly generates a curvy shape. Those who do not want to reshape their body tremendously may use this corset. This corset is good for women who just want to start making use of a corset.

  • Conical Shape

A conical shaped corset has a straight side that tapers down from the upper part of the body to the waist. This shape of corset may be difficult to wear because it shapes the lower ribs. It is not advisable that a woman who just started wearing a corset should use a conical corset first. If the ribs start hurting, the corset is probably laced up too strongly. It usually takes the user eight months to outline her ribs and, for certain wearers, it can take as long as a year.

  • Waist Cincher

The waist cincher is commonly called a waist corset or "waspie." This style of corset is not the usual one because it is a smaller corset that can be worn round a woman's stomach. A waist cincher is good for light corset training because it supports the stomach and doesn’t offer to shape for the ribs. Women who are not certain about how corset can be used may try this corset first since a waist cincher provides the wearer a slim stomach, but it is not as compressing as other kinds of corsets.

Other styles of corsets are Elizabethan corset, S-bend, or the pipe stem. The Elizabethan corset has Middle Ages look and has straps. This corset is normally and hardly used for corset training. Women who just started using corsets should stay away from S-bend and pipe stem corsets since they can alter the body into an abnormal shape.

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