Beautiful testimonial from a sissy

I realised I was a sissy at the age of 16. I used to watch straight porn but it never turned me on much. Slowly I started watching dominatrix and liked being humiliated by them. I don't realise when exactly but I started taking a liking towards feminization. 
I watched numerous clips on it and developed a strong interest towards feminization and sissification. Finally one day I tried my first panties and bra. It was my mom's. I was really excited at that point.
I couldn't help but start rubbing myself and in the end I came in them. Since then onwards the urge to wear female clothing increased. Whenever I got the opportunity I used to wear a bra and panty and then finally one day I dressed up entirely as a girl. I even put on makeup. Mascara, blush , lipstick and even some other accessories. I can never forget that experience.
Since this time onwards I consider myself a sissy. I even started watching sissification and bimbofication clips. Sissy hypnosis and many sissy feminization teases. I even made a sissy social media account. I really want someone who would forcefully feminize me cause I like the forced feminization aspect a lot.
I love all female clothing which has a lot of frills and is made of smooth cloth. I love skirts ( pencil skirts, mini skirts etc), dresses, crop tops, maid outfit, school girl outfit, leggings. I love stockings and hose and corsets. In panties I love thongs ( though they are not best for sissies) lacy panties and ones which completely hide the fact that I have a sissy clitty. 
And the thing that I find most sexy are the high heels. The higher the better. It's a bit tricky to walk in them but at the same time it feels so good to have that feminine movement. Make-up is also something that really facinates me. I love applying makeup. The way the lipstick feels on the lips, it really makes me wanna suck some cocks. 
One the most exciting and fun incidents of my time as a sissy boy is the time when my my parents were out and I was alone at home. I dressed up entirely as a girl along with makeup and heels and I stepped out of my house. I just went out of the gate for a little bit. I was dressed completely with makeup in public. I stayed outside for about 2 minutes and then came back in. No one saw me ( at least I think so ). This was my most thrilling experience as a sissy. 
Another incident was when I had shaved my legs and my parents caught me. I barely got out of that situation and once when I was dressed as a sissy and my parents suddenly came home. I panicked and tried my best to hide things. I was successful expect for the fact that I forgot I had mascara on. Luckily before anyone noticed I quickly watched it off. But the thought of getting caught ran shivers down my spine. 
My future plans as a sissy are that I want acquire an entire wardrobe full of female clothing and wear them all the time. Buying a wig and fake breasts so that I can even go out in public as a girl. I also want to buy a bigger dildo and get better at handling cocks and maybe buying a female bodysuit so that it look more like a girl.
My goal is also to work in getting a proper feminine looking body and inculcating all feminine qualities. I even will start working on my feminine voice. And then someday in future I want to serve a mistress as her sissy and follow her every order and be a good sissy slave or sissy maid for my mistress. 
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I always love to read about a sissy coming out. I know the courage it took you to become a beautiful, sexy woman. My transition was very similar. Best of luck in your sissy journey.

Diane Sexton

…very good !!! I loved it 👌❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Lady Diva

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