How to Choose the Right Wardrobe for your Sissy Transformation

It is extremely important to highlight your assets. Doing this will show your Mistress that you really care about moving forward in your sissy training. You will be learning exactly how to show off your best assets and make them shine. Every woman has a favorite part of themselves they love showing off. Decide what yours are and get to work.

Asset to highlight:

  • Legs: Let’s say you have the best legs in town and really love showing those gams off. The best way to do that is find the perfect length skirt/dress for yourself. Finding the perfect length for you is very simple. All you need to do is put on the heels you normally wear with skirts/dresses along with a pair of frilly satin panties. Next, you will hold a piece of fabric just below the knee. Examine your legs as you move the fabric up two inches at a time. Do this several times until you find the length you like the most.

When bearing your legs, you should always have either stockings or panty hose on. Try to find a  silky pair that is only a shade or two different than your own skin tone. This will hide any scars     or flaws in your legs. The silk will also help draw the eye’s attention.

  • Chest: Choosing the perfect top to show off your lovely chest and collar bone is fairly easy. Try several tops on that 'frame' your breasts. A top with a deep V is always a good option as well as anything that has a bit of shimmer or sparkle right at the bust line. Remember, girls, no ONE wants to see any excess bra. Show enough cleavage to get them interested but not enough to look, but, at the same time, you don't want to give it away.
  • Face: If you feel that your best asset is your face, there are many clothing options that work to highlight your face. If you have a reddish or tan complexion, you will look best in cool colors such as blues, purples, and greens. If you have a paler complexion, you will look best in warm colors such as reds, oranges, pinks, and yellows.

You can also hold several colors directly to your face. Take notice as to which look best with your skin tone, and the color of your eyes and lips. Higher collars with a either a statement necklace or big bold earrings will also draw attention toward your face instead of elsewhere.

  • Butt: If your ass is your best asset, there are many ways to show it off to the world. The best clothing option to show off that great ass of yours is to wear high heels. This will make your legs look longer and your booty really pop. When choosing jeans or pants, pick something that is high-waisted but has a skinny leg. The tight fabric will show off your butt to perfection. Anything with designs on the back pockets will also draw the eye in and most likely keep it there.

Helpful Tips:

  • Picking out an item that hides your 'worst' assets is just as important as picking out one that highlights your 'best' assets.
  • Trying items on is essential to picking out something that is really going to make your assets shine. If you are too shy to try items on in pubic, make sure you know the return policy of the store and don't take any tags off until you have tried the piece on.
  • Dress for the occasion. Know what you are walking into before you walk into it. Think about what the other women attending will be wearing. Of course you want to stand out but sometimes not standing out is just as important. A simple accent piece can do wonders.

Add a Little Spice: Make yourself feel 10 times sexier by wearing something sexy underneath your outfit. This will help you move in a more feminine way as well as make you feel flirty and sassy just thinking about your sexy secret.

Check out Sissy Feminization Academy: Femme Fabulous Part I to learn more. You can also listen to the training in audiobook format.


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