How to Train a Sissy Husband

The idea of a submissive, sissy husband (boyfriend, fiancé, or other male half of a relationship) may sound absolutely amazing to some women. You may even be thinking that you would like to have it in your own relationship, but you have no idea where to start. Have no fear ladies, all is not lost. Your male submissive is easier to train than you thought it ever would be. These pages will inspire, educate, and teach you how to turn your macho man into a sissy husband. Feel free to expand on these in any way you see fit. While this guide isn't a tell all, end all, be all guide, it is the basics that you really need to start your domination in the relationship and the beginning to teaching your man how to be your sissy submissive.

: Changes are at Hand

You know what you want. There is no denying it. You may even find that you have a man who wholeheartedly wants this too, so if you are one of the lucky ones there, the battle is half done (really, half of this is all mental!). If you are not so lucky, this guide will get you (and him) there.

The first thing you need to figure out is how sissified you want him to be. Do you want him to just start doing more around the house with a little sexual satisfaction added or are you going for full feminism implied upon him? Start with a list of the feminine qualities and sissified qualities you want to instill into your man. Of course, put the ones that are most important to you at the top and go in order of importance. This will help keep you on track and keep him in line.

Once you have decided what you want to get out of this new found relationship side, you need to discuss the situation with him. Both of you need to be open and honest with each other. While the central point is sissification of your submissive male, you do not want to emotionally, mentally or otherwise permanently traumatize him. Sissification is not about abuse. It is a consensual agreement between two parties. Don't ever cross the line of abuse.

Once you have been open and have defined the terms, you may want to write them down. Not only will it remind you both of the ultimate goal and give you a timeline of where you have come and what's next, it will also keep the line between the fem-dom relationship clear from abuse. If either of you are unclear, speak up and make sure it is crystal clear!

Now that the parameters are clearly defined, it is time to delve into deeper sissification.

: Learning What Sissification REALLY Is

Ask him, "What is a sissy?" Note his answer. Then, give him the correct answer. A sissy male is a man who desires, through full willingness or the willingness to be trained, to become more feminine and be trained in the arts of the femme world. From the moment that your fem-dom sissification ritual begins, he will be humiliated, dressed up, and trained in the sissy manner.

There are two main points to being a sissy male: submissiveness and feminine things.

Most sissy males are already submissive types to begin with. They don't argue much, tend to take orders easily and prefer to be lead or guided or given direction, rather than taking the lead in situations. They like to be dominated by a woman, either sexually, mentally, or any other form of control that a fem-dom can have over them. Most like to become the plaything to a Mistress or Madam, being dressed in frilly, lacy or otherwise feminine costume. The vast  a fetish and desire to be humiliated by their Mistress. A sissy male often prefers soft fabrics, such as satin, and lingerie seems to be a winning favorite amongst the sissy male and the Mistress (my personal favorite has always been the 50's style stockings).

: Feminization

To truly begin with feminizing your sissy, you need to remove their maleness (no, I do not mean I how that sounds!  forbid!). Start by throwing out (or if you and he cannot afford to, just lock away in a spare closet) all of his clothing. In doing so, you as the Mistress are beginning to set the scene for his sissification. Better yet, have him put them all into the closet and lock the door himself, having him give you the key immediately after. This solidifies his intent to be a submissive sissified male.

Have him stand before you naked. This gives him both the feeling of vulnerability and ashamedness, while giving you the feeling of domination and power. Such a delicious combination, isn't it? Is he thin or a little padded? Does he have flat buns or are they perky? Is he well hung or do you need a magnifying glass? Take notes of his traits, verbally and for him to hear, so that he knows you are judging him.

The display pose so you can judge best is as follows: Stand up straight, no slouching. Hands go behind the head in a finger locked hold. Now, stand with feet a little more than shoulder width apart. Have him squat down until his thighs are just about parallel with the floor. This position allows for uninhibited viewing of the cock and balls (as well as the rest of him).

Tell him that this is the post he shall take for all inspections (or inspections of a certain kind that you may choose at your leisure).

Now that he has the pose done right, you need to make him look the part. This means hair and makeup. You want to make him look like your sissy French maid, your dirty little slut, or whatever fetish sissy you desire. For example, a dirty little slut sissy male would have bright red lipstick, eyes in too dark black, and too much blush. If you are concerned with hair, try a wig (you would not believe the wonders a well-made wig can do for your sissy male).

Now that you have the makeup done, you want to make sure that your sissy male is properly dressed. Are you in the mood for a slutty cheerleader? A miniskirt and push up bra with pom poms is an ideal choice. Want a servant to do your bidding? Then a black little skirt with a black button down and white apron with high heels is the one for him. The possibilities of costumes really are endless.

Once you have the hair, makeup, role and costume in place, the next step is training.

: He Will...

You must educate your sissy male in the way of rules and trainings and punishments. While this list is not full and can be broadened, this will give you an idea of where to begin. Some examples of training he will learn from you (and this guide) are to include, but shall not be limited to: (SM shall refer to Sissy Male in this section)

* SM will learn how to  a sultry and stable manner in high heels

* SM will be trained in the proper form of a curtsey (including in heels)

* SM will be trained in the proper performance of daily domestic household chores (including in heels)

* SM will be trained in the assistance of Mistress's daily grooming and dressing routines

* SM will be trained in how to attend to a Mistress and her every needs

* SM will be trained in sufficient obedience training

* SM will learn that there are consequences for disobedience

* SM will be trained in proper dressing of a SM

* SM will learn when to speak and the consequences for back talk

* SM will learn the art of being spanked by Mistress

* SM will learn the art of being punished by Mistress with a dildo, plug or other objects

* SM will learn to thank Mistress for each punishment

While this list is small, there are plenty of other things that you can teach your sissy male. The list really is endless my dear Dominatrix ladies! 

: The Beginner Stage

You don't want to throw too much at him at once. It might scare the hell out of him and turn him off to the idea entirely, and may stop the fun from happening. No one wants that. In the Beginner Stage, you want to give him a few things here and there to do. Don't overdo the list, but also don't go too easy on him or he may think it is all a game and a joke. You don't want that outcome. Giving him a small list of tasks to do (other than chores and menial tasks) will get him ready to be a good sissy male.

What kinds of small tasks are we talking about here? Below is a list that I find works well for all of my sissy males in training and I think this list is a good starting point. If he is feeling uncomfortable or still feeling out the waters of this whole sissy male fem-dome relationship, theses beginner tasks will be subtle enough that he will know what they really mean, but to anyone else who may happen to see, it won’t look out of the ordinary. Example tasks include (but feel free to create your own list):

* Make him purchase makeup (your choose the colors ladies) and feminine clothing (to anyone else on the outside, it may seem like he is shopping for a gift)

* He must practice putting on the makeup in the manner you prefer him to look (this can be done in the privacy of your own home bathroom or bedroom)

* He must dress in the feminine clothing around the house a few times a week (again, inside your own home to start with)

* When he is on the phone with you he must practice his sissy voice and practice the sissy voice at least one hour a day outside of your conversations

* He must purchase a pair of heels (in Mistress's desired height) and learn to  them (practicing around the house is ideal)

* For one week (or every other day) he must practice peeing sitting down like a woman (this means keeping the toilet seat down!)

* He must pick a feminine name for himself (or discuss a choice of names with you, as you do have final say!) 

: The Advanced Stage

Once he has mastered the beginner level of transitioning into a sissy male, make sure you both talk openly and honestly about that time. If both of you are still on the same page and feel comfortable about continuing, then you can go to the advanced level. This level introduces new items and includes the beginner level tasks as well.

* Have him practice different kinds of makeup (in Mistress's favorite styles) each day (again, in the home is fine)

* Have him dress up in different costumes with appropriate makeup once a day (again, home is just fine for this)

* Practicing of a sissy voice has gone from one hour a day to three hours a day

* Choose one day (when the SM is not working or has professional appointments) each week when the sissy male must wear heels throughout the day (assuming 12 hours for this task)

* SM must wear feminine undergarments to work at least one day a week (does not have to be noticeable to other co-workers) and throughout the weekend.

* Nails are to be neatly manicured and trimmed during the week and neatly painted during the weekends.

* Body hair is to be removed at least twice a month (professional waxing is allowed)

* SM is to begin using feminine scents in the shower and wear feminine perfume on one day of the weekend.

Again, this list can be broadened upon based on your open and honest talks with your sissy male and your own personal preferences. Once you have trained him sufficiently in the intermediate level, you are free to move onto the third level.

: The Advanced Level Part II

Once he has been sufficiently trained in the tasks of the last chapter, you can add onto that with this list. These items are to expand on the previous lists and can be used in conjunction with any other item from the previous task lists.

* SM will read feminine literature, including cooking magazines, fashion blogs any other "feminine" based reading material that Mistress sees fit.

* SM will dress appropriately daily and apply the correct make up (outside of work is fine, as we understand that this transition may complicate or compromise the working situations of the sissy male). You make have one day off during the week, however, if Mistress makes a decision call on attire or makeup, it is to be followed.

* SM will forever sit down to use the toilet. The seat never has reason to be up again (except for cleaning purposes).

* All body hair (except the head) shall be removed.

* When sitting, legs shall be crossed at the knee or the ankles, never over the leg.

* Once a month, you and Mistress will travel to a town or city outside of where you live (for both of your securities) and SM will dress in his sissy male persona and be seen in public with their Mistress.

As we have already mentioned, this list is nt all inclusive and may be expanded upon as desired or needed.

: Keeping Your Sissy Male Accounted For

Now that you have a beginning idea of the tasks at hand, you should teach your sissy male to keep a journal. In this journal, he should record the date, any specific asks that you have given him, and the outcome of these tasks. Outcome should include topics such as his emotional feelings during the task, how he felt about the task , and any concerns he has about the tasks at hand. Included in the journal entry each day, if you are not there to see firsthand, he should make a note of which costume was worn, how makeup was applied, and for those who need a visual, have him take a picture to accompany the journal entry.

A personal suggestion, I would come up with a list of tasks, a 30 day chart, or a 30 day calendar. This list will give him one new or altered task daily that he must complete. Each task should be explained as above, and there should be room left for Mistress to give her review of his days progress. This will not only keep him honest, but it will help you (and him) see how far he has come in his sissification and your fem-dom ruling.

I have also found that at the end of the month, giving him a test (graded of course) on what he has learned will keep him in check as well. I have a very nice grading system too, from A to F.

A is a perfect score. This means out of 10 questions (the number I prefer to use, since my questions are essay form) he is allowed only one wrong or under explained answer. No punishments, extra tasks or assignments are necessary.

B is a good score, but means that your SM still needs training. This means that out of 10 questions, he got between 2 and 4 wrong. Punishments can include spankings, humiliating tasks, and a week of intensified training of the items he got wrong (such as writing lines and practicing for several hours a day).

C is an average score, and needs improvement. This means that he got between 5 and 7 questions wrong. Punishments can include a more severe punishment, humiliating tasks, and deprivation of things you allow him to enjoy (such as revoking his privilege of drinking a beer on the weekends). Writing lines and practicing all tasks daily works well too.

D is a terrible score and needs punishment. This means that he got between 8 and 9 questions wrong. Punishments often include intensive training courses on what h did wrong, lectures, corporal punishments (such as a caning or paddling), and revocation of all privileges for an expressed amount of time. Essays and writing lines works well with this punishment.

F is a failing grade and is the lowest he can get. This means that he got every question wrong. In this case, I have found that a more severe punishment is necessary. This does not mean a beating with a paddle or caning (though either are complimentary to this punishment). I have found (personally) that while informing him that all tasks are to be practiced daily and that all tasks are to be journaled again giving him the silent treatment as though he weren't there or a piece of furniture often makes them regret their faults and mistakes. No man likes to be ignored, regardless of sissified he really is or has become. We all crave attention and need communication, so deprivation of all communication works wonders. I have seen test scores go from F to A in a week’s time.

Of course, if you have a sissy male who tends to get good testing scores, you will know that he is learning and that you are setting him on the right path. Give him something to look forward to as a reward (try to choose a reward the works for both of you, such as he gets a new sissy outfit for 5 A's, but you get to pick it out). It is a win win situation really. Not only are you showing that in addition to being head and Mistress, but that you also have a tender side, you are being pleased and know that you are being a good Mistress in your training.

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I have been in training for years…..I am hoping our next step is having me service my Goddess and her bull!


I have been in training for years…..I am hoping our next step is having me service my Goddess and her bull!


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