The Sissy Panties Guide

Written by Sissy Trainer and Feminization Expert Mistress Dede, The Sissy Panties Guide is for those of you who have yet to embrace wearing feminine garments so that you can become a little bit more familiar with the choices that you have and learn the sassy, sexy and extremely sensual looks that can be easily achieved by adding panties to your daily sissy wardrobe and feminization routine.

Check out The Sissy Panties Guide to learn more. You can listen to the book in audiobook format  for FREE by taking advantage of this BONUS OFFER.

The Sissy Panties Guide


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I have been raised as a Girl. since August. in. 1949. Mother had oftened Expressed her desire to have a Daughter of her own ; to Raise, to Teach, and to Dress as her Little Princess. So on that day, Mother and her frienfd, Janet decided to Dress me as a Little Girl, I was 2 1/2 years old. They invited some of the Neighbor Ladoes over for Coffee and to watct as I was dressed . As I was led from my bath , where 1 was pwrfumed, my nails painted, eyebeows plucked, and Make-up applied, my hair styled in a Bob ; I was wrapped in soft Pink towel as Mother led me , into the livingroom by tbe hand, suddenly She pulled the towei away , leaving standing naked, dor the Lady’s to see. Janet picked up a pair
of Silk Eumba Panties, with Ruffles on the seat ; She held them put, told me put them om, the Silk of them , excited me as She pylled them 8nto place. Next the Lady handed her a Full-Slip that was Satin and Pale Pink in color, She sid it over my head, it. Cascaded down my body , held a Couple of Chiffon & Satin Petticoats to me, ordering mw ro put them on, as they were settled about my waist, another Lady hand her a pair of White Over the Knee Stockings with a Pink stripe on them , U was ordered to put them on by Mother. Janet held out a Satin and Chiffon Easter Dress for me to get into, a pair of patented Pink MarycJane shoes finished the look. Tbe Lady’s commented how lovely I was, my Mother said, that She had a Litrle Daughter of her own…..Ms. Rita Lynne Lerch …It’s now 2019, and I am Still Dress as a Woman’, I am 72 uears old now

letllreane Lerch

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