The Story of a Submissive Sissy Maid ~ Sissy Panty Giveaway Contestant

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"First of all, I am still a closet sissy and may not have the courage yet to accept the prize if I win.  But I know that sharing what I share now is good for my journey to achieve my goal to be the best sissymaid.
All my life was strangely leading me to be a submissive sissymaid.
My first experience with panties were with a pair of green knickers from my older brother's girlfriend's.  Her knickers were small (smaller and front flat) like my boyshort and have similar color and find their way in my drawer.
When I seen them, they appeal me.  I try them and love the squeezing feeling on my clitty.  They were really thight and they were very comfortable.  They became my favorite underwear as long as I remember.  
The first erection I remember was when I was losing a fight with a girl where I lay on my back and she sit on my belly.
Later, I discover some playboy magazine hidden from my dad.  I watched them a lot.  I loved to see those sexy playmates in lace underwear and garther belt and stockings
and I clearly remember seeing some in french maid uniform.
My first sex experience was a gift from an older girl cheating my friend.  I did not wanted to do anything with her to avoided breaking their relationship but she tease me a lot and she take charge,  she step over me and strip me naked fastly.  I surrender to her desire.  
Then, every ingredient were there to make me a sissymaid.
When I got my first apartment, It was the beginning of internet and I founded the akasha web story site.  By reading her story, I grow a desire for femdom relationship.
Then I find a real girl.   We love ourself together.  we live togheter and I forgot all of this for many year.  We got kids.  After many year together, some year ago, love is gone and I search how to save my marriage and I find Elise Sutton site.
She talk about chastity and femdom relationship.
Then, my fantasy came back.  After a so long vanilla relationship, I don't know how to bring this to my wife.  Then I read more on internet and the fantsy grow.  I crave forced feminization.
It is where I am now.  A closet sissy wearing nylon boxer and polyester g-string to avoided sissy declaration and hiding myself to wear lace panties, skirt and bra to do housework.
I have a small clitty and I am lucky to have an hairless body.  I shave my armpits and keep only a feminine landing stripe over my clitty.
I am trying to accept my desire and get courage to share them.
I started to worship my wife as much as I can, I do almost all the housework.  I massage her everytime I can.
Something is missing.  I am not ready yet to expose myself.  I am working on it and this text is a part of my preparation.
I love to be a sissy because I am a sissy and I love myself.
I love woman. I love their curves.  I love their hairless body.  I love their long hair.
I love their long color nails.
I love woman cloth.  They are sexy, they are soft, they use fabrics like satin, silk, nylon, polyester rarely used in men cloth.
I love how they move, how they swing their hips while walking.
I love woman privilege to wear skirt, dress, lace, heel, petticoat and thong bikini.
I love the moaning sound of woman and their capability to have multiple orgasm.
Then I love to be a sissy so when I am in sissy mode, I authorize myself to break the conformist rule and to shave completely myself, to wear a wig, to wear sexy feminine cloth, pink color, sexy lace underwear.  And I walk swinging my hips.
When I am in sissy mode, I feel sexy and it excite me.  I am arouse by what I am.
Since it is a taboo, and I have never share my fantasy yet, I also got trill by the risk to get caught and to be expose in sexy sissy mode.
I want to be expose and I want to be accept without change in other perception of myself.  I am already a sissy and they love me.  If they see me as a sissy, they should love me more.  I need to accept this idea and be brave enough to expose myself as I am.
I love to be myself, then I love to be a sissy.
I am not just a sissy, I am a submissive sissymaid.
I love to give pleasure.  I love to serve.  I love to obey.
I love sissymaid task.  Sissymaid task are so easy to do, they are brainless, only manual action.  They are often do in quiet environment. it is so relaxing to do sissymaid tasks.  And when you do sissymaid task, you get satisfaction when it is done.  Doing a sissymaid task bring value in your life or in life of other.
And by hypnosis, it is easy to get aroused doing sissymaid task and enjoy more pleasure doing sissymaid task.
I would love to have this sissy kit.  But I don't know if I would have courage to get them deliver to myself since I should give my real adress and its always my wife who open the mail delivery.  I would need to expose myself and I am not ready to expose myself yet.
Expressing my love to be a sissy is something that help me to be ready to come out to my wife.  Thanks for this opportunity to express my love to be a sissy and share this."
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I to am a submissive white sissyboi i have always loved to be in sissy maid attire it feels so RIGHT!!!👠👛💄🎀💋 absolutely enjoy dressing up in sexy lingerie,hi-heels,thigh-hi stockings,garter belt, panties,bras, full make-up. I have also given total sexual pleasure to a dominant black man while being totally feminized as a “French Maid”!!!!🥰🥰🥰 I’m a Jack of Spades ♠️♠️♠️💯% it has turned me into a willing and eager BBC slut!!!!
if you’re nervous or a little afraid to meet up with a partner don’t hesitate you will be so excited when you’re pleasuring the STUD in your dream fantasies betaboisissy

Sissy pink pantyboi

I kept running from the truth for years and kept trying to live as a man but constantly I came full circle back to fully crossdressing, living a true sissy life in my thoughts, and wanted to serve and please so badly. I realize i am a true Sissy Slave Pet only true life destiny is to become a 24/7/365 fulltime sissy slave pet for a good true owner.

Sissy Slave Alexis Marie

I live the same life I hope someday our dreams come true.


That was beautiful!! How many of us out there feel this same way? I’ve worn panties since I was nine or so and also love to do housework in tight panties, I’m also jealous of the freedom women have to be beautiful and sexy!! When I’m cleaning I dream I’m forced to and that I’m serving my mistress, but she wants nothing to do with me!! I showed myself wearing her panties and she almost threw up, very discouraging 😳 !! Anyway I loved your story I imagined it with a Spanish accent!! Very sexy!!


My wife likes the fact I like to dress up and be a sissy. She’s very encouraging and I hope you get Express yourself at your leisure


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