The Ultimate Sissy Boy Training Program

Authored by world-renowned sissy trainer Mistress Dede, the Ultimate Sissy Boy Training Program is the ultimate guide to completely transforming yourself not only physically but also mentally into the beautiful, sexy, submissive sissy you have been yearning to become for so long.

The program was not created just as another book to be browsed through on the weekend. Instead, the Ultimate Sissy Boy Training Program is a hands-on manual. That is, you are expected to go through the lessons and perform each assigned task to the best of your ability, with the permanent goal in mind to become the very best sissy you can be. Furthermore, you should strive to complete all sections of the training in under 6 months’ time. Why 6 months? Because while some of you might actually be able to complete it sooner, I understand that others still partake in non-sissy affairs that might prevent you from taking on the training on a full-time basis.

But if you wrap your head around the 6 month mark, you will not postpone it indefinitely like it so often happens with many of the things we want to achieve in life. So, jot down the date when you begin the training and strive to complete it in its entirety 6 months from that date. To hold yourself accountable, share this date with your Mistress/Master or post it on your social media page.

The lessons in this program are combined in a back-to-back format, so they comprise a rigorous program which culminates in your complete male to female transformation. This program will be your strongest training weapon and one you can go through and refer to over and over again when you feel you are losing your sissy touch or need to feel sexier, prettier or more grounded in your “sissyhood”.

At the end of this manual you will find a mandatory Sissy Test, and whether you have taken this or another test in the past, you must re-take it at the end of your training, as it will be an absolute accurate measure of your level of progress and success in this training program. Only scores of 50 or above are considered passing grades but you are encouraged to retake the entire course if your score is below 90. Only scores of 90 or above are considered excellent and entitle you to print the diploma that is found at the end of this course.

Start the Ultimate Sissy Boy Training Program today. Make your dreams a reality and become the very best, sexiest sissy you can be. 

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Ohhh can we start already 😊


I like wearing all women panie and bra and all women chothes and any man that want to hook me up ok

Albert Dowdy

I am a Transsexual/Lesbian myself, I love your site, I lo e the sexy photo’s of ypur Feminine Clothing. I only wish I could have everything I wanted…. Ms. RitaLynne Lerch

Rita Lynne Lerch

I am a Teanssexual/ Lesbian mysell, I have certain ideas of how to train Sissyboys myself. Make them your SissySluts …..Ms. Rita Lynne Lerch

Rita Lynne Lerch

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