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I’ve had a panty wearing fetish for as long as I can remember. It started in my first marriage. Whenever I knew that I was going to be alone in our apartment, I’d put on some of my wife’s sexy bikini panties. I’d prance around in them acting and trying to sound like a sissy. I went from room to room acting like a sissy slut. I always got so turned on and so horny whenever I wore “my panties.” I’d slowly slide my hand inside “my panties” and play with my cock. In my sexiest sissy voice, I’d whimper and moan as I gave myself a slow and intense hand job until I came hard, soaking “my panties”! This would happen in every relationship that I had, both of my ex-wives and all girlfriends. Two of these women (1 ex-wife and 1 live-in girlfriend) could have cucked me if they ever caught me. I only did this when I was in relationships with women. During all periods of time where I lived alone and NOT in a relationship, I never had the urge to wear panties. I had countless times where I almost got caught. I have no doubt what so ever that if that 1 ex live-in girlfriend had caught me, she would have definitely tried her best to cuck me. Then my luck ran out and I got caught. I was living with “Lisa” at the time. We lived in a 55+ mobile home park. The old man who lived in the lot beside our, his wife had passed away around 4 months prior to my moving in with "Lisa". He was 66 (and looked 45) and took very good care of myself. He would sit in a chair on his side porch drinking cocktails all day long. Lisa left for work one morning and I decided to clean up our bedroom. That’s when I found them. A pair of brand new, never worn sexy, hot pink bikini panties. I couldn’t control my urges and I put them on. Instantly my panty wearing sissy persona returned. Prancing around in “my panties” once again. I strutted down the hallway towards the kitchen. Once in the kitchen, I leaned up against the small island counter in the kitchen. Talking and acting like a real sissy slut. I hadn’t noticed that ALL of the windows were opened about 6 inches and ALL of the blinds were open that far too. My phone buzzed and I thought that it was Lisa. But when I picked it up, it wasn’t Lisa. It was the old man next door. His text read “You look so sexy in your pink panties. Why don’t you come over. I’ll leave the door unlocked. Bring panties with you”. I looked out the window and saw the old man looking back at me. He had a devilish smile on his face as he sipped his cocktail. I replied back “You dirty old man! I’ll come right over”. I grabbed a handful of panties, put on some shorts over the pink panties that I was wearing and walked next door. There was a note on the counter that said fix myself a cocktail and lock the door. The note also said to come on back to the bedroom. I took off my clothes except for the pretty pink panties that I was wearing. I walked down the hallway and I walked into his bedroom and his was lying in his bed naked with the sheet pulled up to his waist. In my sexiest, feminine sissy voice I called him a "naughty dirty old man". I could see that the old man had a big cock because it was bulging underneath the sheet. The old man smiled at me and told me to be a good gurl and come sit beside him as he patted the bed. I giggled like a schoolgirl and said "OK daddy" as I climbed in bed beside him. I told him that I've only given a few handjobs and only sucked cock once. The old man smiled at me told me "don't worry about it". The old man started kissing me sensually at first and then lustfully and passionately. I whimpered and softly moaned as we kissed. He took my hand and pushed it down on his hard cock. I whimpered and moaned louder as I started stroking his big throbbing hard cock. My little sissy clit was so hard and bulging in my pretty, pink panties. The old man softly whispered in my ear...."be a naughty sissy and suck daddy's cock. Just do what Lisa does when she sucks your cock. Take your time and show daddy what a naughty sissy slut you really are". I smiled at him and slowly slid down between his legs. His cock was soooo hard! I looked up at him as I kissed his big hard cock. I kissed the big swollen mushroom head as I slowly stroked his thick hard shaft. In low, deep manly voice he told me to "make daddy cum". I preceded to slowly and sensually lick his hard shaft like a ice cream cone from his full aching balls all the way up to the swollen head. Slow, lustful licks. Flicking my tongue around the head. The old man closed his eyes as he leaned his head back and let out a long, slow groan. I teased his big throbbing hard thick cock like this for several minutes. Then I slowly pushed his hard cock through my lips into my hungry mouth. I took his thick hard cock as far as I could in my mouth. His hard thick cock felt sooo good in my mouth. The old man looked down at me as he gently placed his hands on the sides of my head. He slowly started to pump my hungry mouth as I sucked his hard cock. His manly grunts and groans told me that I was giving him the oral pleasure that he deeply desired. He fought his urges to cum until he couldn't stand it any more. The old man's thick, throbbing hard cock started pulsating in my hungry mouth. He continued to gently pump my hungry mouth as I feverishly start sucking. The old man let out a long manly groan as he cried out that he was going to cum. His thick, throbbing, pulsating cock erupted in my mouth like a fountain. I almost choked from all the cum that suddenly filled my mouth. I gulped and swallowed mouthful after mouthful of his hot, delicious cum down my throat. I continued sucking until I drained his cock and balls completely dry. The old man reached down and pulled me up and started kissing me passionately. He rolled me on my back as we kissed. We both looked down at my panties. I got so turned on and so excited from sucking the old man's cock, that I completely soaked my panties without me touching myself. I bashfully said "I'm sorry daddy! I couldn't help it"! The old man just smiled at me and asked me what should we do about this as he teased my sissy clit through my cum soaked panties. I squirmed around from the sensation the old man teasing the hyper-sensitive head of my little sissy clit. The old man told me to take my panties off and suck my cum out of my panties. I giggled like a schoolgirl and said "OK daddy"! I preceded to slowly take my cum soaked panties off and slowly and sensually suck all of the cum out of my panties. When I finished, the old man told me to go to the bathroom and clean myself up. Put on some more panties and bring a washcloth back and clean his cock and balls up. Like a good sissy, I did what daddy told me to do. From that point on, I was the old man's naughty sissy slut. I sucked him off several more times that day. Each time I would get so turned on and so excited that I soaked my panties without me touching myself. And each time I would take my panties off and suck my cum out of my panties for him. This started a almost 3 year long affair of me being the old man's personal sissy cock whore fag. He eventually started fucking my tight, virgin sissy pussy long and hard multiple times each and every time I come over. At first I only came over about twice a week but that quickly escalated into as many as 4 days a week. Lisa also did house-sitting for people. On the weeks that Lisa had to house-sit, she always went straight from work and would be gone as long as 10 days and up to 2 weeks. On those times I stayed with the old man day and night. He bought me lots and lots of my own panties to wear for him and I kept them at his place. Then one day the old man got a call from his daughter who lived in Ohio with her family. He had to go to Ohio and told me that he didn't know how long it would be before he came back. I never heard back from him. I sent countless text messages but he never replied back. Since then I've moved to Arizona to take care of my mother after my father passed away. I don't get to wear my panties that often any more. Lately my urges have gotten to the point where I can't stand it any more. I've recently started looking for someone locally who loves wearing his panties as much as I do. I hope that I can find someone close by that can host weekdays daytime hours only as I don't feel comfortable leaving my mom alone at night by herself. Someone to be naughty sissy lovers with. Someone who we can't keep our hands off of each other and especially we can't keep our hands out of each other's panties! 


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I had a similar first experience was in a wig Shop at the Festival flee Market in pompano. Beach ..I was trying on wigs . My sales man .put on about Three wigs. Then He began fondling my breast area I had A red, white and Corset. With a fresh make up. Than suddenly I had the urge to my hand across his sweat suit. . I got him hard and he gently lowered my head towards his cock. It felt good in my my mouth . So.he reached over and locked the door. Than ask me what I wanted to do ..why not get on your knees . Yhan I asked him. To have his shaft.. than I told him. That I wanted to taste his cum.. he started. Thrusting in my Mouth and told me its nourishes it has milk meat and fish. He made me recite yummy yummy I want cum tummy. Than a cock..a day keeps the doctor away. I tasted his pre vum
I said to myself this tastes good . Than. He grabbed my ears and moved my head head back and forth..He gave me more of his load..than..He asked me mouth in and master batted I both. Looked and said Daddy can.I please lick your the tip like an Ice cream cone.. than I knew that this is what I wanted from. Now on..since than I have given many blowjobs it gives me Energy and makes me feel my name is Bill Edwards aka Billie Jean. I hope you put this story on your web site. I am. Excited to learn you have a sissy cross Dresser store. In Sunny side Florida what is the address I would love to visit your store and be high lighted on your web site . Perhaps I can purchase your clothes and have photos taken of me wearing your panties and clothes . Please respond . My email address is salsawillie_2001 @ yahoo. Com
I I will.await your reply do you also sell. Black. Vimyl , Sequin , or laytex shorts .
Please let me know
Bill.Edwards aka Billie Jean

Bill Edwards

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