This Month's Panty Giveaway Sissy Contestants (Layla's Story)

Check out this month's Panty Giveaway Sissy Contestant Sissy Layla's Story. Although all worthy entries are featured on the blog, only the best, most exciting, entertaining and well-written story will win. The prize? A fab pair of sissy panties from Sissy Panty Shop! Email your story to to enter the contest. You can also vote up or down on these stories by entering your comments below to help us choose the Winner. Now, let's check out what Sissy Layla has to share with us! 
Hello, my names layla and i would like to try to win your Facebook contest. So heres my storie. 
 Becoming a sissy for me was like most sissies i guess. I started dress up at a young age and it slowly evolved. I first became aware of what sissies and sissification was when i was about 16 and quickly fell in love with the whole concept. Now im 23 and i go to sissy play partys and events with some of my friends iv met in the comunity.
 My most favorite outfit is one i call my "princess dolly dress". Its pink, short, has bows and is verry poofy and prissy. If i lived in a perfect world id only ever wear it and dresses like it.
 Most embarrassing story is heard to say because im not really embarrassed by my life styal bjt i guess it would have to be when i first came out to a friend about being a crossdresser. She dressed me up in her clothes and took me to our local mall here and i was still shy about the woke thing so i guess that was embarrassing being my first time out. 
 My funnest moment was well after i discovered sissification and i started to dress in my prissy sissy little dresses and started going out into public. My first time out was to a sex shop, then a gas station and i Walked in and pay inside where everyone could see and now i go to stores all dressed in my dresses when the felling strikes me
 My dreams as a sissy is to find a dom women or couple and to be there sex slave and domestic servant and maid. to be used as a lagitamit servant and by them both for there personal pleasure. 
 I hope to hear back soon if i win. Thank you for considering me.
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