This Month's Panty Giveaway Sissy Contestants (SissyAlex's Story)

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Thank you for having me this opportunity to write myself as a sissy.
My name is sissyalex and I started dreaming about being a sissy when I was 14 years old  as I read an erotic sissy story online. The story was about a naughty boy who had to be sent to his uncle's house and became a sissy. It was thrilled when reading a part of his arrival day that the uncle laid out his weekly panties on the bed which were engraved as "Debbie's Saturday Panty" and etc. The story went on he became the uncle's sissy slave. I was also so much aroused when reading another part that the uncle got him to kneel down and unzip his pants with teeth and had to give him a blowjob. Since I read the story, I felt so excited but tried hard to stay away from this story because I was so ashamed and felt guilty. For next few years, I had a couple of vanilla relationship with girls, but soon I became bored with them so I started to crave kink porn online mostly about femdom and sissy. That's how I became a sissy.
My favorite outfit to wear is full french sissy maid outfit and black lingeries including bra, sissy panty, thigh-high stocking with garter belt, white petticoat, black satin maid uniform and a chocker. My favorite sissy panty is the satin black full converted panty with pink engraving on the back saying "Sissy Whore" (blush). I feel so humiliated whenever I wear this
The most embarrassing moment was when I firstly wore the Sissy Whore panty. I was doing a phone sex sissy training with a mistress once via Skype and she ordered me to share my screen while I was browsing sissy outfits online. Then, she liked this particular panty and told me that it would be my perfect first sissy panty as I am the sissy whore. It was so much humiliating when she was choosing words between "Sissy Whore" and "Use My Slut Hole" and asked my preference. I chose the "Sissy Whore" because I wanted to have a less intense words on my first panty (blush), then she made me to beg her for not having the option of  anal whole in the panty. So I ordered the panty and wore it on our next session. It was the most embarrassing and exciting moment ever when I had to stand in front of the camera, lift my skirt, turn around, and bend over so she can see the word "Sissy Whore" nice and easy. I loved the feeling when she was so delighted and giggled. That was the first moment that I really felt that I became a real sissy.
I love dressing up but I am not much experienced with more advanced sissy qualifications such as makeup, chastity, cock sucking, and anal sex. I still need much training to become a better sissy but I feel so afraid at the same time for going to the next step. As a sissy, my foremost dream and aspiration is to become the perfect cuckold sissy maid slave for my dream mistress and her lover. I'd like to dress up every morning as a perfect maid and serve their lives perfectly. I'd like to prepare their breakfast and morning coffee while they are still sleeping. Once they woke up, I'd greet them with curtsey, serve their meals, assist them while they are taking a bath or preparing for go out. After they left house, I'd clean the house and prepare bed for their sex. On their return, I'd keel down and greet them with curtsey. When they are having a sex, I'd patiently wait for orders such as sucking her lover's cock or cleaning the mistress's pussy.  
Hope you liked this and thank you for creating this wonderful sissy shop. 
Thank you.
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