Picking Woman's Undergarments - Panties

So, have you picked a bra of your choice? If you have, let’s get you started on the next undergarment – panties.

As I said earlier, a gal needs to be very particular about panties…you just can’t afford to buy high-class expensive brand in a size that does not work for you…what’s more…there is no right way to really know your panty size unless you try out a few sizes. My suggestion: buy a few cheap panties and try them out to find out the most comfortable size. Once you know what works best, you could try out different styles as well.

Panty Sizes

Woman’s panties are usually sold in four sizes – S or 5 (small), M or 6 (medium), L or 7 (large) and XL or 8 (extra large). Measure your hip size to make your first purchase. Usually, a medium or 6 size equals a 38” hip.

Panty Styles and Cuts

There are various styles and cuts available for woman’s panties. Try out each one to find out the one that is the most comfortable for you. Women require some extra fabric at the back. On the other hand, men require some extra fabric in the front. These panties are designed for women, not men. So, you won’t get that extra fabric in front, but you will have some at the back. So, choosing the right style and cut can be quite a task for any man.

Check out a few panty styles and cuts and try them on to find the one you like best.

Brief Cut – This one can be a high-waist or low-waist and is the most comfortable because it offers the most coverage for us gals.

Bikini Cut - A fantasy for a cross-dresser, the bikini cut has a low waist, so you could comfortably wear it as a man throughout the day without worrying about the panty peeking from your trousers.

Boyshort Cut – This one is the closest to a man’s underwear, so quite a good choice for us gals to keep it on for the entire day. No one would know that you are wearing a woman’s panties under those man trousers!

Hiphugger Cut- This one is like a lower rise boyshort.

Thong Cut – Nothing at the back but may have enough material in the front, try this one out for a sexier feel.  

Cheeky Cut – This one has more material at the back than a thong cut, but less than a bikini.

V-String Cut – Probably the sexiest of all, try them out only once in a while. These one have the least material of all panty cuts. So, you may not want to put it on under your trousers when you are in boy mode.

Advice on Finding the Most Comfortable Style

Try out one of those sales where you can buy a pair of each style and cut at quite a cheap price. The perfectly comfortable style and cut would depend on the size of your hips. So, there is no one style for everyone.

Victoria Secret’s lingerie is every gal’s dream. They do carry out sales quite a few times a year and…this is the perfect opportunity for a new gal to get multiple panties of different styles. Try the sexier styles once in a while for a more feminine feel. Otherwise, just go for the comfortable styles for day-long wear.

If you are blessed with a great booty, any panty cut would look wonderful. If not, you could also try out a padded style panty for a more girlish ass. This fills your behind up and will make you look more feminine in that tight dress.


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