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G Cup Silicone Breast Forms

G Cup Silicone Breast Forms

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Our G cup silicone breast forms are the product that helps you transform your upper body, into that of a busty and sexy woman. We specifically designed it to look natural,  lifelike and that it is easy to wear.

The breast forms come with a long neck part, a sexy collarbone, soft breasts and it has 4 different skin colors from which you can choose. The neck part of this product can be trimmed in order to fit the length of your neck.

Since this product is made from medical grade silicone, they are very elastic which makes them easy to wear for almost all body types.

The standard filling of the breast is elastic cotton filler which is soft and light. You can choose silicone gel filler, which makes the breast feel and move more realistically. Silicone gel filler comes with an additional fee and it increases the weight of the product significantly in comparison with the elastic cotton filler.

Optional mold lines removal is available for this product. During the molding process of this product, seams are created on the sides. In order to make the product even more realistic and seamless, we offer to remove these seams with the optional mold lines removal. The mold line removal comes with an extra fee and it will take longer for us to process your order, since it is a delicate job that takes more time.

Before wearing these breast forms for the first time, wash them with water and regular soap. Apply after cleaning it the inside and outside with baby powder to reduce friction between the skin and silicone. Wear a hair net to prevent hair pulling and put your head through the neck hole. After that put your arms one at a time through the arm holes. Adjust it afterwards and the wearing process is done. Now the fun begins!

This product transforms your upper body and together with other Sissy Panty Shop products you can complete your whole look! This product matches greatly with all our female pants and combining these gives you a beautiful and curvy figure from top to bottom! Finish your look with a mask from Sissy Panty Shop, some realistic female gloves, a wig, clothes and accessories and become the sexy female you always wanted to be!




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