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C Cup Bodysuit Short Version

C Cup Bodysuit Short Version

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The short version of the C cup bodysuit has shorter coverage on the limb area, making it versatile and quick to wear. It includes breast forms and details in its composition, creating a realistic effect and concealing your shapewear underneath.

The material used here is the standard high-quality silicone from most Sissy Panty Shop products. it is stretchable and durable, making the product suited for many different body types. It is also soft and texturized to resemble real skin.

The fact that silicone reflects light the same way as it helps with the overall convincing effect. As for filling the breast forms, you may choose either silicone gel or elastic cotton. The former feels more real to the touch and responds to gravity. On the other hand, the latter is lighter and not as expensive.

There are many features in this product. Besides all the realism in the silicone itself, the suit includes a neckpiece with sculpted collar bones. It looks extra realistic and helps you hide your adam’s apple.

The bottom area also includes a sculpted Vagina that makes you feel even more feminine. You can opt to make it penetrable and include a urination pouch to make going to the bathroom easier.

This is suitable for any cross-dressers that want an easy way of achieving the perfect cleavage, hiding their shapewear, and concealing their Adam’s apple. But due to the reduced legs and arms coverage, it’s better for those who want a quicker way of getting inside the suit. For the same reason, it’s better if you’re willing to shave.

It matches some of our other products as well and works great with our range of silicone masks and underwear. Hosiery, fishnets, garter belts, and bodystockings. These items help the suit borders blend in and look seamless.


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