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Exclusive 'Sissy Stephanie' Pink Lace-Up Ankle Boots for the Feminine Soul - Limited Stock!

Exclusive 'Sissy Stephanie' Pink Lace-Up Ankle Boots for the Feminine Soul - Limited Stock!

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"Step into your true self with the 'Sissy Stephanie' Pink Boots - exclusively designed for sissy boys, crossdressers, and those who adore the thrill of forced feminization. These aren't just any boots; they're a statement of your inner diva waiting to shine!

🌸 Ankle Height Perfection: Just the right height to flaunt those legs and make them look endlessly long. 🌸 Lace-Up Design: A touch of vintage charm, ensuring a snug fit while adding a dash of elegance. 🌸 Classic Round Toe: Comfort meets style, giving your feet the space they need while looking utterly chic. 🌸 Sultry Square Heel: Standing tall at 11cm, with an additional 3cm platform, these heels are designed to boost your confidence and stature. 🌸 Perfect Measurements: With a boot opening of 11.02 inches and a shaft of 3.93 inches, they're crafted to fit like a dream.

But here's the catch - stocks are extremely limited. We've seen an overwhelming demand from our community, and sizes are flying off the shelves. If you've been waiting for the perfect pair of boots to express your femininity, this is it. Don't miss out on owning a pair of the most sought-after boots this season. Order yours today and let your inner sissy shine!"

    Size Chart in inches

    Size Heel to Toe Chinese Size
    3 8.66 Label Size 34 (US4.5 EU34.5 UK2)
    4 8.86 Label Size 35 (US5.5 EU35.5 UK2.5)
    5 9.06 Label Size 36 (US6 EU36 UK3)
    6 9.25 Label Size 37 (US7 EU37 UK4)
    7 9.45 Label Size 38 (US7.5 EU37.5 UK4.5)
    8 9.65 Label Size 39 (US8 EU38 UK5)
    9 9.84 Label Size 40 (US8.5 EU39 UK6)
    10 10.04 Label Size 41 (US9 EU39.5 UK7)
    11 10.24 Label Size 42 (US9.5 EU40.5 UK7.5)
    12 10.43 Label Size 43 (US10.5 EU41 UK8)
    13 10.63 Label Size 44 (US11 EU42 UK9)
    14 10.83 Label Size 45 (US12 EU42.5 UK10)
    15 11.02 Label Size 46 (US12.5 EU43 UK10.5)
    16 11.22 Label Size 47 (US13 EU44 UK11)
    17 11.42 Label Size 48 (US14 EU44.5 UK12)
    18 11.61 Label Size 49 (US14.5 EU45 UK12.5)
    19 11.81 Label Size 50 (US15 EU46 UK13)
    20 12.01 Label Size 51 (US16 EU46.5 UK14)
    21 12.20 Label Size 52 (US16.5 EU47 UK14.5)
    22 12.40 Label Size 53 (US17 EU48 UK15)
    23 12.60 Label Size 54 (US18 EU48.5 UK16)

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