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Tiny Sissy Chastity Pink Cage

Tiny Sissy Chastity Pink Cage

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Get ready to make your chastity dreams become reality with this super fun, high quality tiny sissy chastity cage, especially designed to lock away your manhood and let your femininity shine through.

Change the game with this (R)evolution A more ergonomic & always more discreet design which offers an easy installation for a long term comfort. Our technological innovations have allowed us to increase the comfort and reliability of our chastity cages in order to offer you the best possible experience throughout the day!

Placement of the chastity device The tube is attached to the ring. Placing the penis and the scrotum in the ring is very easy. The tube is then placed in the ring, guaranteeing a firm attachment and totally enclosing the member from the bottom of the abdomen to the end of the penis. Since the tube is placed in the middle of the ring, no pinching of the skin can occur.

  • Size: 36mm/40mm/45mm/50mm.
  • One set includes:1*cage;4*different sizes rings,1*Magic Locker.
  • Net Weight:160g-180g
  • Tips: If the received item presents the following situations,such as deformation,unfitness of ring and cage, just soak this item in the hot water for about two minutes and then it will be normal,which is the feature of the resin, not the quality issue of this item. Our V4 model, made in bioresin, offers you a new design to live in chastity every day with ever more pleasure and security. 

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